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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations Services

The credibility of Nonprofit Organizations is based on the quality of services and administrative ability. The latter being the main reason why you receive or are denied funds from donor sources. We help organizations maintain fiscal and administrative clarity, leaving you with the ability to focus on what really matters to you in your organization.

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Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services

Our business consulting services focus on leveraging technology in critical areas of your organization. We have a holistic process to identify opportunities and efficiencies that can be improved while lowering down operational costs. The goal of our service is to increase the value of the different components of your operation.

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Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting Services

Pecunia Group has dedicated more than 20 years of expertise in financial consulting. From accounting services and payroll to financial analysis, we are a one-stop-shop for all your financial matters. Outsourcing services are available for you to focus on your business with ease of mind.

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Web Development

Web Development Services

Deployment of web-based solutions is the new and most efficient way to gain awareness in today’s online world. If you are starting to implement branding campaigns or if you need to develop a web application or a website, we can help! Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer to you and your business.

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